Coding Like Never Before
BeBlocky teaches kids coding in an engaging and rewarding environment that utilizes gaming elements. It uses block based programming language to guide a character solve different puzzles helping them master the fundamentals of coding while doing so. As they move along, more advanced concepts come into play. They’ll continually build on what they’ve learned and create even more complex code.
Learning Should Be Fun
The uniqueness of BeBlocky stems from the fact that the platform teaches children programming from day one in an easy and game-like manner. The courses are user-friendly and intuitive so children can jump right into them without needing an introductory course or previous coding background. It leverages the cutting edge AR technology to make the learning process much more interactive and fun.
Parent Inclusive
BeBlocky automatically tracks your child’s achievements as they work through lessons and activities. From your Parent Dashboard, you can view your children’s progress through the courses, the levels completed, time spent on the app and the concepts they’ve learned. Parent Dashboard also allows you to set the screen time for your kids, purchase virtual coins from in-app store and distributing coins to your child’s wallet.
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Introducing kids to coding early is seen as vitally important by parents, educators, and tech leaders. Give your child a head start in learning how to code with BeBlocky.