BeBlocky harnesses the power of graphical programming language to make the learning process more engaging. Kids love their smartphones and tablets, but they still love playing with toys. Hence, We believe adopting augmented reality to our application in the near future will give them the best of both worlds.



BeBlocky is a gamified learning app that sets out to teach children the basics of computer science in a fun and interactive way. It will help them develop new ways of thinking and advances them in valuable skills.

BeBlocky presents coding concepts in puzzle-like blocks designed to attract children. It will enable kids to creatively stack together programming components – such as action, events and operations –, thus programming a friendly robot, BlockyBot, without having to worry about programming syntax.

The combined feature of puzzle blocks and augmented reality is what makes this app entertaining and promising.

Teaching Lifelong Skills…


If children develop this skill at a young age, it will serve them well for many years to come.


It imparts persistence and perseverance in the face of challenges when things are not working well.


Its commonplace that when you come across a dead end in coding, there’s always a way you can backtrack and try again. This “try, and try again” mentality will help set children for future success.


It helps them become fluent with the technologies and enable them to open up and express themselves freely.

Features That Matter…

Fundamental Courses

Consists of lessons that teaches them programming concepts, computational thinking and digital citizenship. And later proceed to the exercises.

Gamified Exercises

Students create programs that will help them learn to collaborate with their peers, develop problem-solving skills, and persist through difficult tasks.

Unplugged Activities

This activities introduce students to many of the underlying concepts separated from the distractions and technical details we usually see with computers.

Overcoming Gender Barriers…

The gender gap in technology has become a great issue that we must all come together to solve. Our app encourages our next generation of girls to prosper through creativity and bravery.

“We Want To Go To The Young Girls Where The Divergence Happen & Cultivate Their Confidence “

Betty Gronnberg

About Us

We believe teaching programming to children is one way to empower them. It gives them tools to express themselves, just like drawing or singing. It helps them keep up with this rapidly changing world. We uphold that children should be aware of the basis of computers in addition to the regular science and mathematics studies needed to understand the world around them. It’s the closest thing to having superpowers we can teach children.

“Not All Superheros wear capes, Some Code”

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